Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diversity VS. Academic Freedom

At the U.S.-based site Alternative Right, Canadian-Australian academic renegade Andrew Fraser has a depressing piece about the erosion of academic freedom in Australia. As immigration-driven ethnic and racial diversity increases and the de facto state religion of multiculturalism spreads into every facet of national life, academic freedom suffers. Any intellectual criticism of multiculturalism, mass non-Western immigration, or the deleterious proclivities of particular non-white minority groups is ruthlessly suppressed and condemned as "hate speech". Multiculturalism, being the sham it is, cannot withstand rigorous intellectual criticism. The only way it can survive is by forcibly silencing its opponents and preventing any serious intellectual discourse about the inherent risks and drawbacks of diversity.

As Fraser notes:

Academic freedom in Australia is dying before our eyes; another sacrifice performed in the now holy name of “The Other.” In the universities, as elsewhere, public criticism of privileged minorities must walk a shaky legal tightrope.

Be sure to read the entire article.

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