Thursday, March 8, 2012

Julia Gillard's immigration lie

"Australia should not hurtle down the track towards a big population." - Julia Gillard in 2010.

But has the Gillard Government done anything in the last two years to reduce immigration levels?

Quite the opposite.

The Herald Sun reports:

MIGRANT numbers have hit a two-year high, confirming that we are hurtling towards a “Big Australia"… Net overseas migration is about 184,000 a year and is expected to reach 204,000 by mid-2015, according to the latest Immigration Department forecasts.

Despite its claims to the contrary, the Gillard Government is forcing us toward a bigger, poorer, ethnically divided, Third-Worldised Australia whether we, the existing Australian people, like it or not.

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  1. The problem is that none of the major parties will take any steps to reverse this trend. The political class as a whole is so focused on its own short-term interests that they care absolutely nothing for the future of the country.