Monday, June 18, 2012

Syrian civil conflict comes to Sydney

Syrian civil conflict comes to Sydney courtesy of our open-door immigration policy:

As the author of the Ideologee blog writes: "And so, as another episode of Islam v. Dictator v. Stupid Moderates unfolds in the Middle East, we have to now hear about it here in Australia."

My question: why should we have to put up with scenes like this in Australia?
Let's be frank. If the Syrians in the above video are so passionate about their homeland, why don't they all go back there? Why are they in Australia? Why should we - Australians - allow these foreign squabbles to be played out on our soil? We certainly don't need such people here, especially given their fractious nature.


  1. This is a very good blog.....The views you post here are shared by many.

    The worry with the Syrian conflict is that there are approximately 200 Muslim Australians who have joined the Free Syrian Forces. When this is all done and dusted, these battle hardened Muslims will no doubt return to Australia, bolstering the ranks of extreme Islamists.

    And again you think why should this be our problem.

  2. Assad is great. The Australian media is feeding us lies about Assad. I am not Syrian. This is Israel's goal to position and engage the U.S (which it controls at its fingertips) to then have a chain effect on its allies and take us into war with a country. We have made the same mistake with Iraq. We should encourage Syrians to fight over there and then not grant them entry into Australia afterwards.