Monday, May 7, 2012

White Majoritarianism?

There is an interesting piece at the Commonwealth Contrarian blog about the lack of any explicit white majoritarian movements in the English-speaking parts of the West. 

Given the huge immigration-driven demographic changes that threaten to transform whites into a minority in all of the 'Anglo' countries, why haven't we seen the emergence of white majoritarianism as a political force?

The main discernible reason is that the historic white majority populations of the English-speaking West fail to see themselves as a people. They fail to recognise themselves as distinct population groups whose interests are threatened by the never-ending influx of non-Western immigrants into their countries. Rather, whites in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand generally shun a collective group identity and instead tend to view themselves in more individualistic terms (an Anglo-Saxon trait?).

Thus, although they constitute the actual demographic majority populations in their respective countries, they have, to quote U.S. commentator Lawrence Auster, "no political or cultural existence as the majority."

As Auster notes:
Not only do whites fail to represent themselves as a group, but many of them think it is immoral ... for a white person even to think of himself as being white. Whites thus have no identity as whites, nor or they allowed to have any. Within the terms of our current order, whites as whites are nothing, even as non-white groups aggressively assert their own group identities and are endowed—by that same passive white majority!—with official and favored status.
Unless these white majorities begin to develop a sense of collective peoplehood and begin to assert their own group interests, it is difficult to see white majoritarianism amounting to anything more than a pipe dream.

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  1. No, it's not an Anglo-Saxon trait because it's happening in many non-Anglo countries.