Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Labor dismantles Australia's borders and sovereignty

Andrew Bolt:

Two more in a day - which makes eight in just one week:

AUTHORITIES have intercepted two boats in Australian waters carrying almost 200 suspected asylum seekers.

That’s another 740 boat people in a week. The doors are wide open, and the Government has given up.

Given up? That would imply that the ALP did actually try to stem the tide. This is not the case.

The argument frequently used against Labor is that they have "lost" control of Australia's borders, with the imputation being that the present immigration crisis is a product of their gross incompetence. In reality, the truth is far more egregious. The immigration tsunami, both illegal and legal, rolling over Australia was not some sort of clumsy accident. It was not some unintended consequence unwittingly unleashed upon us. Rather, it was deliberate and calculated move on behalf of the ALP. Since coming to power, the ALP has purposely set out to dismantle our borders and erode our national sovereignty. For instance, the ALP deliberately dismantled the relatively effective border protection regime put in place by the Howard Government, thereby opening the country up to the current influx of illegals masquerading as refugees. They also deliberately increased legal immigration levels to record highs, despite the lack of any sound reason - economic or otherwise - for such a huge increase in immigration

It seems the only miscalculation made by the ALP was in underestimating the public's aversion to more immigration, both illegal and legal.


  1. KRudd signalled his intention to open our borders with his grandiose speech It’s Time to Build an Asia Pacific Community:

    "The European Union of course does not represent an identikit model of what we would seek to develop in the Asia Pacific.

    But what we can learn from Europe is this – it is necessary to take the first step...

    It is that spirit we need to capture in our hemisphere."

    So, just like the EU, we now have rampant illegal immigration. Rudd's every waking moment is consumed with global groupthink: we are one, always and everywhere. The guy is an open borders freak.

  2. Would this change with Abbott, who also seems to think multiculturalism to be a good thing?