Sunday, January 15, 2012

More multicultural propaganda from SBS

I managed to miss this when it was originally aired on SBS:


Another biased, minority-centric SBS "documentary" designed to make this country's white, Anglo-Celtic majority feel ashamed for merely existing. This is not an accurate account of Australia's modern immigration history. Rather, it is crude multicultural propaganda piece aimed at denigrating and delegitimising the people who founded and built this country.

I find it interesting how white Australians are constantly being told how "racist" they are by non-whites, yet it is only Australia and a few other white-majority countries that permit large-scale, diverse immigration. Non-white nations are careful to maintain racial and cultural homogeneity and most permit essentially no immigration at all. A blatant racial double standard that SBS fails to acknowledge.

African countries for Africans. Asian countries for Asians. Arab countries for Arabs. Western countries for everybody?

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