Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gaddafi lynched, Clinton laughs

Hillary Clinton on the death of deposed Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi:

Western leaders have been quick to applaud Gaddafi's brutal summary execution at the hands of a frenzied horde of savages.

So much for human rights and the rule of law in the "new" Libya.


British columnist Peter Hitchens writes on the barbaric lynching of Muammar Gaddafi:

Colonel Gaddafi was cruelly murdered by a mob. This disgusting episode, which no decent person can approve of, is typical of the sordid revolution which our Government has decided to endorse and aid.

Nearly as bad, most of our media reported the barbaric spectacle in gleeful tones. God preserve them from ever being at the mercy of a lynch mob themselves is all I can say.

Shame, also, on those who referred to this squalid crime as an ‘execution’. Why is this word these days applied to its opposite? An execution follows lawful due process. It is not another word for a gang slaying or a lynching, such as happened to Muammar Gaddafi.

Any new state that begins with such an event will be poisoned and polluted by it ever afterwards, just as the communist world was blighted by the Bolshevik massacre of the Russian imperial family in 1917.

The nebulous new Libyan regime is already torturing its prisoners, who in many cases have been seized without formal legal procedure. From now on, all those who supported this ill-advised intervention will share responsibility for every lynching, whipping, unjust detention and miserable dungeon in the New Libya they helped to make.

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