Saturday, September 19, 2009

A joke

A politician died and went to Heaven to ask St. Peter for admission. St. Peter said "We don’t have many of your profession here in Heaven and it is our rule that you must spend a day in Hell and a day in Heaven before you elect for one or the other."

So the politician went to Hell, where he found himself on a beautifully manicured golf course, on which he enjoyed a pleasant round of social golf with some of his old mates who had preceded him. They then went to the bar and they reminisced about how they had conned and dudded people, followed by dinner - caviar, lobster, champagne - anything you fancied to eat or drink. The Devil turned out to be a most charming and solicitous host, full of jokes and leading the singing.

The next day the politician spent the day in Heaven, where he sat in the clouds, playing the harp and singing hymns. At the end of the day St. Peter asked him, "Which destination do you elect?" The politician replied, "Well it was very pleasant and relaxing in Heaven, but to be frank, I prefer Hell."

So down he went to Hell, where he found himself in a rubbish tip, where his old mates, with doleful expressions, were sorting rubbish and squabbling over the rotten scraps of food which had been thrown out. The politician cried out to the Devil "Where’s the golf course?" To which the Devil replied "Oh, that was during the campaign, this is the day after the election."

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