Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Turkic-Muslim whining

Nursel Guzeldeniz is a Muslim social anthropologist, writer and filmmaker who likes to write jejune, nonsensical articles railing against the so-called "Islamophobia" which now allegedly pervades the Western world, including Australia.

In an article about public opposition to the construction of mosques in Sydney, invidiously entitled "Anglo-Christian tribalism," Guzeldeniz wrote:

What lies at the heart of this fierce opposition to the construction of mosques and Islamic schools is some Australians’ inability and unwillingness to accept and acknowledge that Australia is a multicultural society, and to come to terms with this fact.


... although the White Australia policy was abolished in the early 1970s, the attitudes that created that policy still linger in Australia. And this leads to a tribal mindset based on Anglo-European-Christian identity in some suburbs where residents refuse to accommodate any difference fearing the change and discomfort this may cause.

Now, I'm not entirely sure what imbues Nursel Guzeldeniz with such arrogance, but her message to "Anglo-Christian tribalists", otherwise known as the Australian majority, is essentially this: "If you don't like the changes that we are imposing on the country, too bad! Australia is multicultural now!"

Guzeldeniz even has the temerity to assert that Australians must relinquish their "Anglo-European-Christian" identity so that newly-arrived immigrant minorities can retain their particular, exclusive identities!

After reading this particular article, one can only conclude that "multiculturalism", far from being about benign colourful festivals and exotic foods, actually means handing your country over to alien peoples and cultures and allowing them to do with it as they wish. Is it any wonder why some Australians continue to resist multiculturalism?

I can only imagine what would happen if a large population of Anglo-Christian Australians moved en masse into a Muslim country, say Nursel Guzeldeniz's ancestral homeland, and then demanded that the host society change to suit the newcomers and redefine itself as a multicultural country (an oxymoron if ever there was one). If the Muslim host population reacted in outrage to the changes this alien cultural group was imposing on their country, the Anglo-Christians could respond: "What's your problem? You need to accept and acknowledge that your country is now a multicultural society, and to come to terms with this fact. Your old, pre-multicultural identity is no longer valid."

Of course, if Western immigrants flooded into Muslim countries and began changing those societies to better suit themselves, they would be accused of colonialism and more than likely forcibly evicted by the host populations.

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